The “pluses” and “minuses” to Google+

As we navigate through the new social media platform that is Google+ , there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to controlling your social relm.


Posts – You can decide by circle (friend group) who gets to see certain posts. This alleviates the process of blocking certain people one by one who you don’t want knowing what you are doing and when.

Huddles & Hangouts – Remember Instant Messaging? well take Skype (video chat) and chat, grab friends you select from your circles and you have a Hangout! Huddles for mobile phones. Great for going out with friends when you just want to stay home!

Photos or media – It’s just as easy to upload as facebook or Twitter but the page view format has larger images and comments are offered on the side. (no scrolling down constantly when 50 people comment)

Sparks – Instead of having to go to a product or company page you can just add a subject or general category to your Sparks list. Simply by clicking on that term for example “skiing” a newsfeed will pop up in a Google type format with the leading stories and sites for that term. Genius!


Circles – You know who you know, and you know who you don’t really know, but still want to see what they are up to… so now you can put them in circles. But when it comes time to move multiple people from one circle to another it’s not as easy as click and drag. You must move that person(s) then delete them from whichever previous circle you had them in. Takes more time and if you don’t realize it…you have someone you used to like but don’t anymore in the wrong circle. #Fail.

Businesses be warned – Google+ is recommending that business’s wait to start a profile page. I would agree but those who have not listened to Google are now coming off as spammy and quite frankly…annoying!

Complicated? – Is it though? Finding friends is honestly the toughest part! There is no categorization or SEO per your location to help you find those out there on Google+ that you may want to know! And once they do find you or sorry you find them, you add them to whichever circle you choose then …well that’s it?

It’s a man’s world - But I don’t mind that 86.6% of users on Google+ are male. It just means we have more stalkers.


Written by Meredith Chace

Owner and Social Media Guru at MOCmedia


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  • I learned a lot from this post, great help for me, thank you!

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