Farewell Steve Jobs

Ironically I found out about Steve Jobs passing on Facebook, on my Macbook, while surfing Twitter on my iPhone and listening to iTunes. It’s the technology I use everyday but like yesterday and today, it meant something different. I…felt special. In fact I still feel special when I pull my Macbook out at the Starbucks down the street to post for a client. It’s the feeling of a connection to a man that changed the way we communicate, work, listen to music, chat, play games, and live our lives.

What I take away from the memory of Steve Jobs is not all of the inspiring and motivating quotes, or the gadgets I play with everyday…it’s the passion for the work and the subject of bringing people together. In every product debut and presentation Steve Jobs hosted, the passion and excitement in his voice makes you feel how much he loved loved loved what he was doing. He even chokes up a bit when describing FaceTime on the iPhone when saying…

” I grew up here in the US with the Jetsons, and StarTrek and the Communicators, and just dreaming about this, and just dreaming about video calling… and, and it’s real now!”

So I guess dreams can come true.

RIP Mr. Jobs… you will be truly missed.


~ Meredith

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