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Article pick of the Day!

We like Inc.’s  article today on 4 basic ways to spur some action on your social media sites! Read on my friends… Become a Rock Star on Social Media: 4 Ways  


Get Timeline for Facebook – 7 Easy Steps

The new Timeline for Facebook is the new profile! If you have been grooving around Facebook and noticed some friends have it and some don’t, but you WANT it, here are 7 easy steps to get it. Note* when you get to the final load page, Facebook will ask you if you want to trial the format for 7 days. If you are not completely convinced this format is for you, don’t fret, just trial [...]


Happy Holidays from Meredith!

I would like to wish everyone a fantastic and joyous holiday season! With the New Year around the corner businesses are looking to social media to promote specials and new products and some of us will even consider “cleaning up” our Facebook and Twitter pages! (You know you thought about it) Here are a few recommendations from me, to you, before the year ends… 1. Brush up on your settings : Login to your Facebook personal [...]


The “pluses” and “minuses” to Google+


As we navigate through the new social media platform that is Google+ , there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to controlling your social relm. Advantages: Posts – You can decide by circle (friend group) who gets to see certain posts. This alleviates the process of blocking certain people one by one who you don’t want knowing what you are doing and when. Huddles & Hangouts – Remember Instant Messaging? well take Skype (video [...]